domsPlace, Personal website of Dominic Masters.

Wow, I can't believe it's not React!

Dominic Masters

Developer, Nerd, Occasionally Funny.

Australian-American nerd with a passion for all things computing, coffee and video games. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Programming since before the internet was cool.

Programming Technical Lead

I am a programmer born and bred. Developing since I was old enough to type on a keyboard and continue to refine my skills more and more every day. Backed by 14 years of experience and countless lines of code committed.

Background with more anagrams than a bureaucrat, here are some of the highlights only;

Shopify Expert

I'm currently working full-time as a Technical Lead working with the Shopify Plus platform. I have been working with the platform every day for over 4 years, and enjoy working with it immensely.

Working with Liquid, REST and GraphQL App Development and general Shopify consulting. I have had the privilage of working with countless Shopify Plus clients.

Despite Shopify's reputation, I have been able to make it do tricks thought impossible. I find working with Shopify's unique quirks very rewarding, and continuously find ways to surprise everyone, including myself.


I spend most of my spare time considering programming concepts, and take a very pragmatic approach to planning software development. I enjoy unpacking what programming itself means and entails to come up with new paradigms to use in my job.

I also have an appreciation for the raw power of technology and making something beautiful and intricate out of the minimal amount of tools. Hence this website appearing so basic.

I also enjoy video games and antique electronics. I still own four old CRT Monitors that I love and use as my primary video game displays.


I don't do social media often, however you can find me below. For business enquiries contact I suggest LinkedIn.